Doron Avital, an Israeli military and political figure, a member of the 18th Knesset of Israel, and former head of a special unit in the Israeli Defense Forces Intelligence Directorate, believes that Russia can play a constructive role in normalizing the situation in the Middle East. According to Avital, Israel should take into account Moscow’s presence in Syria and maintain the most constructive relations with it.

«Of course, Russia can cooperate with Iran to de-escalate the situation. I want to remind everyone that Russian troops are present in Syria, supporting Bashar al-Assad. We know that Iran controls the Houthis in Yemen, so perhaps Russia can be helpful. Nobody wants a war in Iran. So it would be good if Russia could help in this situation.»

Mr. Avital also emphasized the complex situation in Israel’s ally information space, noting negative aspects of public opinion among American youth. However, despite numerous pro-Palestinian protests, the American leadership maintains a rational course. This is in contrast to some representatives of the current Israeli government.

«Youth in America shares the idea of ‘decolonization.’ It’s a ridiculous understanding of history. Meanwhile, the Biden administration demonstrates a more constructive approach than some members of the Israeli government who want to drag us into endless wars. So I would separate pro-Palestinian activists in the US from the American government. I’m not sure that Trump’s reelection would be very beneficial for Netanyahu and Israel.»

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, Doron Avital believes that the Israeli government should continue to maintain its early position and not worsen relations with Russia. Yes, Israel is an ally of the US and Europe, but it is not in a position to have an enemy in Russia. So the country’s foreign policy should be as balanced and realistic as possible.

«Israel takes a neutral position on Ukraine but supports Kiev with financial and humanitarian aid. We do not participate in offensive actions. Yes, we are in a coalition with Europe and the US, but nevertheless, Israel is not the kind of country (given its size and capabilities) that can oppose Russia. Considering Russia’s presence in Syria, we must take a very cautious position. The world is complex. We need to think about geopolitics from the perspective of Henry Kissinger: play cautiously. So, we are not a global power to stand against Russia. I think Netanyahu was wrong to pit us against Iran. We are separated by hundreds of kilometers. The biggest mistake of the US was denouncing the Iranian agreement. Tehran has become more aggressive.»

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