Rachel Avraham, political analyst and CEO of Dona Gracia Center for Diplomacy, says last declarations of Macron are likely to be bluffing. Modern France and Europe don’t seem to be able to fight Russia directly. Ukraine needs more support from its allies in the U.S., but Biden also does not seem decisive enough.

“I think this (declaration of Macron) is just rhetoric. I think the French these days don’t have energy needed to face Russia down on the ground. The French learned their lesson after Napoleon tried to invade Russia. It is just propaganda. Ukraine needs America to support it, Biden does not have courage needed to take on an adversary like Russia, not even to tackle Iran. He is not going to take on Putin, who has much greater power to fight with the US than Iran”.

Ms Avraham explained Biden’s policy towards Ukraine by internal American problems, where citizens are less and less interested in what is happening in the Europe, focusing on domestic issues.

“If Biden gives military support without the approval of Congress, he might face serious troubles during the election year. Especially when Americans are more concerned about what is happening with their border. Like Europeans, Americans do not have enough courage to go and help Kyiv directly”.

Israel is still fighting for its security. The continued existence of terrorist groups on its borders pose a constant threat to the state of Israel, which can no afford HAMAS to continue its terrorist operations.

“The situation in Gaza happened because of the October 7th massacre, killing thousands of civilians. This war is a matter of survival for us, we can not allow terrorists to murder us, rape us, put us in danger. If you live this kind of reality, it is really difficult. We can’t live normally in such conditions. Would you live like that? We need to finish HAMAS, so we will be able to live safely».

Avraham says Russian and Iranian leadership are incomparable, since Putin is not ready to sacrifice lives of all his nation for political goals. The mullahs in Iran can go through it, if it provides them opportunity to destroy Israel.

“Iran is close to get a nuclear bomb, so Israel is fighting against proxies of Iran. Even if the US does not like Putin, there is one thing you can say about him that you can not say about mullas – is that you can talk to him. He values his life more than any other consideration. Mullas not really, they chase death for Israel, death for America, they don’t care if all Iranians die, if they kill America and Israel in process. I don’t think Putin is like that. He wants to live and to rule Russia, he wants Russian people to live. So from this perspective it is more proper for us to fight proxies of Iran than Ukraine to fight Putin”.

Political analyst is convinced all happened in Gaza was organized by Iran, since HAMAS has no enough capacity to launch such operations.

“This all is orchestrated by Iran to distract the world from the Iran nuclear program. Believe me, HAMAS has no brain to organize such things. Iran is focusing on Israel and they don’t want to be distracted by Saudi and Turks. Turkyie has many options to tackle Iran in Syria, but Iran decided to minimize confrontation with them (saudis and turks)”.

Amid all tensions in the region, Russia still remains as important player, having good relations with almost all countries. Israel can use this fact for its interests, keeping friendly relations with Moscow, as it historically used to do.

“Russia could have a mediatory role, it is a possibility. But I don’t think we need to negotiate with Iran’s proxies, we need to destroy them. But I think we should also have good relations with Russia. Russia is an important country, to make it as supportive as possible. It is a major mistake of Lapid to be antagonistic to Russia. Friendship with Putin is the best way to go, this is how we can go after Iran. Russian interest should be secured.
We need to guarantee that we are not against Putin but against Iran. We have so many enemies, why should Russia be our enemy? It is better to be on good terms with them. Ukraine is not our war. Russia just asks us to keep our mouths shut, it is not a very big request”.

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